Pool Cue Shafts

You cannot deny the absolutely stunning look of the Pearson Carbon Clear Pool Shaft. There is nothing that feels quite as smooth and silky as the top carbon pool cue shaft from Pearson Cues. This is the kind of pool cue shaft that will help improve your game with its superior low deflection. We also offer five different pins to choose from to suit your personal preference. Not to mention that they are less prone to changes in humidity and temperature and therefore less likely to warp and will remain smooth, straight, and stiff for years to come. This is the kind of quality you can expect from a pool cue shaft that consists of superior material such as carbon fiber composite. The strength of this carbon shaft is comparable to steel, while the weight has likeness to plastic. With low deflection, this offers you increased efficiency and greater control over your pool cue. Wooden shafts can have slight imperfections and variations. While this can provide a unique and individual look, a carbon shaft is more uniform and thus provides a more consistent shot.

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