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About Our Brand – Pearson® Cues

Pearson® Cues is set to revolutionize the world of pool cue brands, offering top-notch products that exude quality, strength, and a winning spirit. The brand prides itself on providing premium pool cues designed to meet the needs of professional and recreational players alike. With a medium to high-end price range, Pearson® Cues’ product line comprises traditional inlaid designs and new, modern designs to keep up with the changing pool industry trends.

Dave Pearson is a Guinness World Record holder and a pool phenomenon whose passion for the game has inspired the Pearson® Cues product line. He personally designs and tests all the products, ensuring that every item meets his high quality and performance standards. With this level of personal involvement, customers can rest assured that they get only the best when they shop with Pearson® Cues. Pearson® Cues’ products are designed to be proudly displayed in bars, pool halls, tournaments, and homes worldwide.

Our Mission

Our Goal is to connect and support all pool players around the world

When you buy a Pearson® you are not just buying one of the best valued billiard cues, but you are joining our worldwide family. For years, Dave has travelled the world and met with many of you. You will be the first to know next time Dave is coming to a venue near you. You will also have first notice of our online resources and new winning tips and tricks directly from Dave. Also we encourage our family to meet in person and online to share reviews and comments about our products and fresh videos and blogs.

Our Founder

Dave Pearson is the world’s number one pool entertainer. He is known all over the world and is without a doubt the top exhibition player in the world.

Dave has broken over 20 world records with the Guinness Book of World Records and currently owns four of those world records.

Dave has performed in 33 countries and is running a line of cues that is currently sold in over 120 countries.

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Why did Dave start Pearson® Cues?

Let’s Get Creative!

Check out the videos of winning shots, tricks and tips directly from Dave.

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