Break Cues and Jump Cues

When it comes to break cues and jump cues, Pearson® Cues knows what makes a great tool to improve your game. Not only do we offer a wide range of cues to meet your specific playing needs, but we also have the best break and jump cues to get the job done. Our break cue – the Ball Buster, is perfectly weighted at 18 oz to give you the momentum needed to make a ball. Our Easy Jumper Jump cue is bound to give you the right impact you need to make that shot. Both our break cue and jump cue are designed with the kind of technology and quality you would come expect from a brand created by a world-renowned pool professional like Dave Pearson. With over 20 years of experience, both winning tournaments and breaking multiple world records, Dave has perfected these tools to help you improve your game.

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Includes FREE $20 joint protector

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