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Pearson Jump Break Cue


Sometimes it’s not always easy to get out of a sticky situation while in the game, but our Pearson Jump Break Cue can help you get it done. It has a Matte finish, and brushed Nickel Rings.

Comes with a Free $20 Pearson Joint Protector.

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Outstanding Features

Our brand has various items with new materials and designs to improve your game. Pearson Cues has come a long way and is in the hands of millions of players, which is truly humbling. But, coming from a blue-collar background, Dave has kept the pricing affordable for you to own something special and take your game to a higher level.

Pearson Cues knows what you need when it comes to jump cues. We've done the research and Dave, a professional pool player and World Record holder, put his expertise into developing the best jump cue that will not only help you make the shot but give you the most control. The cue only weighs 18oz, and the shaft is made very stiff to absorb the contact making it incredibly easy to get over the ball. The tip is made of a hard phenolic resin, making it so easy to jump. The short length makes it easier to hold the cue in highly-elevated positions. The lighter weight helps give you the proper speed to help reduce cue tip contact time. The phenolic tip is a must, as the hard tip results in good jump action and a more efficient hit with your jump cue.


Weight:18 oz
Joint:Quick release joint
Tip:Pearson Super Hard Phenolic tip
Tip size:13mm
Material:Canadian Hard Rock Maple

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