Pearson® Pool Cues

Pearson® Pool Cues are the ultimate way to improve your game. Dave has personally designed his low-deflection pool cues in gorgeous designs to give you an advantage over your competition. By putting Dave’s own experience and expertise into the development of these cues, you know you can trust the kind of quality you can’t get anywhere else. These cues are made using top-quality Candian hard rock maple. We offer beginner cues like the Pearson® League Series and the Pearson® Players Series that feature a perfect balance between quality and affordability. For the more serious pool player, we offer the Pearson Elite Series and the Pro Series cues to bring your game to a higher level with superior quality. You can also find top-tier cues that are created with world-class craftsmanship and materials like the Pearson World Record, the Pearson by Jacoby cues, and the Carbon Clear® Fiber cues. No matter what cue you choose, Pearson® pool cues will take your game to the next level.

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