Pearson® League Cue Blue


A great Pearson® quality cue that will help improve your game.

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Outstanding Features

Our brand has various items with new materials and designs to improve your game. Pearson® Cues has come a long way and is in the hands of millions of players, which is truly humbling. But, coming from a blue-collar background, Dave has kept the pricing affordable for you to own something special and take your game to a higher level. The Pearson® League Series Cues are two-piece cues with an implex joint and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. This cue is a great option for those who want a high-quality cue at an affordable price and is perfect for those who want to upgrade their pool cue or are looking for a cue for their home pool table. It is made of a beautiful, durable, and strong grade-A maple that is hand-selected. This is a beautiful cue that will last for years to come.


Weight:18 oz 19 oz 20 oz 21 oz
Shaft Length:29''
Joint:Implex joint
Tip:Pearson® Leather tip
Tip size:12.5mm with a white Ferrule
Shaft Material:Canadian Maple
Butt Length:29"
Pin:5/16 x 18 pin
Wrap:Stylish Cool PZ
Butt Material:Canadian Maple