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How to Play Pool by Yourself? 10 Solo Pool Games for Skill Improvement

Playing pool is such a fantastic game that brings people together. If you have ever learned how to play pool, certainly you have a lot of meaningful memories with friends, family, and even competitors. Or basically, playing pool is a combative game that pits players against one another.

However, not anytime you have friends to enjoy the pool with, while the pool is a flexible game, it is a perfect time to solo play pool to improve your skill and get fun. You may wonder how to play pool by yourself. The below article will guide you through all the essential things you need to play pool game alone.

Game preparation

game preparation

Preparation is always necessary whether you play pool with friends or by yourself. When you play pool by yourself, you still need to prepare all the needed equipment as normal. There are generally 5 indispensable things you’ll be using as below:

Pool Table

You can choose a table with a suitable size for yourself to easily make shots of the pool. Also, its material depends on your favorite and finance. MDF pool tables or slate pool tables, cheap or expensive tables are offered.

Pool Balls

This is an essential part of pool playing, prepare enough balls based on the game you want to play. Besides, different pool game types will allow you to shoot different balls. Learn the game rules to understand the functions of all the balls on the table.

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Cue Sticks

The cue is the most important piece of equipment for every pool or billiards player. The best cue will be the one that connects you to the game in the best possible way. Based on specific use, you can choose different cue lengths as long as it is suitable for you. There are a variety of pool cues in the market but if you want to find a good pool cue that is recommended by professional pool players, look for Pearson pool cues.

Pool Rack

Racking pool balls is needed before making a break shot in a pool game. A triangular rack for pool balls can assist lock in object balls for a powerful break. Your break’s outcome may be impacted if your rack is too slack. If you’ve ever made a solid break shot but didn’t get the spread you were looking for, it may be because your rack was not tight.

Pool Chalk

Chalk enables you to increase cue tip friction, allowing you to make a shot as opposed to having the cue slip off the ball too soon.

Knowing the rules of single-pool games

knowing the rules of single-pool games

Depending on the pool game you wish to play, you can play it single. To play 8-ball, for instance, rack the balls precisely as you would when playing against a partner. However, since you are playing by yourself, you also get to shatter the balls.

After the break shot, whatever ball you pocket first determines how the game will go. This means that if you right-hit a solid ball in the pocket first, you may play solids, and vice versa. First, you must pocket all of the solid balls, then all of the stripes; and lastly, the 8-ball. When the balls break well, if you pocket both stripes and solids, you can choose which balls to play first. So learning how to make a break in the pool game is also important when practicing pool playing on your own.

10 pool games for solo play

10 pool games for solo play

There are 10 different single-player pool games that you can try to practice pool playing by yourself as follows:

One pocket pool

One pocket pool is among the most popular pool games to play alone. The rules of one pocket pool are the same as those for two-player games, but a key distinction is that in this game, a ball can only be pocketed if it is struck into a designated pocket of your choice.

So, one pocket pool might be a terrific game to play when you have trouble getting balls into particular pockets. If you’re having trouble, you may also make the game simpler by utilizing three or two pockets rather than just one. Then, play by yourself while setting a timer to practice it more challengingly.

Three-shot or three balls

A short and enjoyable one-person pool game, 3-ball emphasizes strategy over accuracy. As the name suggests, it only uses three balls. It only involves the use of 3 balls, as the name implies. Pocketing the 3 balls into play in the fewest possible shots is the goal of this game. You just arrange three balls in a triangle, break, and then go on to pocket the remaining balls in the fewest number of shots as you can. A miss or scratch counts as two shots, whereas the break counts as one shot.

You might be able to run the rack on the break, strange as that seems. Even though 3 ball is usually quick to play, it’s a terrific game for teaching you how to prepare your strokes as accurately as possible.

Solo eight-ball

solo eight ball

The 8-ball pool is a type of pool game that most pool players are familiar with. The game may be played alone, even though it’s often played with two people. All of the pool balls must be put up to play; the goal is that the 8-ball pool single player has to collect them all. The striped balls must be played first, then the solid-colored balls, and lastly the Eight Ball. 

Solo nine-ball

Another common pool game that may be played by one person is 9 ball. As you would if you were playing with a partner, rack the balls once more, break them, and then pocket the remaining balls according to the standard 9-ball procedure. Even racing against the clock might add a little amount of difficulty.

Fifteen in a Row

An additional fun game you may play by yourself is 15 balls in a row. As you would for a game of 8 balls, begin by racking the balls and then start breaking. The break requires that you pocket at least one ball. You will have to start over by re-racking if you don’t. At least one ball must be deposited in your pocket on each stroke following the break. The game must be restarted if a shot is missed.

Without missing a single ball, the goal is to make all 15- balls in a row. It’s not necessary to pocket the balls in a specific order, however, you may if you want to make it harder. Once more, putting a time limit on it or adding any further restrictions you can think of will make it more difficult.

Target pool

Target pool

If you’re having trouble with certain shots inpPool, you should play a few rounds of target pool, it is a terrific method to practice the most complex shots in the pool while also holding the playing concept of the pool table in your hand. That means instead of arranging the balls as normal, you arrange them in challenging ways and try to conquer them. It’s not even necessary to utilize all the balls but pocket balls. Target pool is an excellent method to practice more difficult shots and improve your abilities.

Speed Pool

The previously mentioned solo eight-ball game has a fun spin called speed pool. It’s a terrific method to improve your ability to keep your composure under pressure. The game is played precisely like 8 balls (by setting up the ball, pocketing the striped ball, and then moving on to single-color balls and the 8-ball), but with the addition of a timer. Set a 10-minute timer for yourself and try to pocket every ball before the timer goes out. If you are successful, you can reduce the time limit by one minute each time, which will make the game much harder.

Golf Pool

You should arrange several distinct “pockets” or holes on the pool table when playing golf pool. The goal is to successfully catch the black ball in a predetermined amount of shots, or another ball of your choosing.

To play at least nine distinct holes, you need to try to use the other balls as obstacles. Even better, you can determine each hole’s par and utilize that information to determine the total score. Although playing this game with two people is great, a person playing pool is as enjoyable.

Ghost Pool 

Ghost Pool 

Another fantastic solitary game that will hone your abilities in pool single games player is ghost pool. The game is set up the same way you would set up any other game you want to play, such as 8 or 9 balls. You then make a break and start giving yourself the ball, run the rack in a single motion after placing the cue ball wherever you desire. The “ghost” always wins if you miss a shot or make a scratch. Only if you manage to grab each ball in a single turn will you take home the victory. To find out if they won or if their fictitious counterpart did, most participants choose to race to a set number of victories.

Cowboy Pool

A game of 8 balls played backward is essentially what cowboy pool is. Using an 8-ball rack, you rack the balls before moving on to the break. When the break is over, you start pocketing the specified balls, but not in a conventional way. In traditional 8-ball, you hit the cue ball first, which then, ideally, strikes your object ball into a pocket. When playing cowboy pool, you hit your object ball first, and it must then strike the cue ball before falling into a pocket. Angles and position play may be learned through this game.


What is the secret to playing pool?

The secret of the pool is to have focus and intensity on every shot, be sure to give your eyes time to settle and check every important thing on the games

What is the best single-player pool game?

Speed pool may be the best single-player pool game as it extremely challenges you to improve your ability to keep your composure under pressure and help you enhance your skill difficulty by conquering the game that makes a quick change.

How can I practice playing pool by myself?

The best way to practice playing pool by yourself is playing solo pool which is a designed pool game for 1 player. Solo pool games can help you sharpen your abilities and enhance your game without using an opponent. Try to take time and concentration to practice difficult shots. Besides, improving your grip and using some supporting tools such as pocket reducers to practice.

In general, the key to success is practice and accuracy. Therefore, you can not deny the enormous advantage that may be had when playing pool alone. Without considering the reaction of others, you may work on your strokes and technique. Hopefully, the variety of pool games and tips in this post will give you enough insight to understand how to play pool by yourself and what makes a good pool player.

Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson, the world's leading pool entertainer, is renowned globally as the ultimate exhibition player.
Boasting 20 world records endorsed by the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records, Dave established a legendary history in the sport industry.

Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson, the world's leading pool entertainer, is renowned globally as the ultimate exhibition player.
Boasting 20 world records endorsed by the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records, Dave established a legendary history in the sport industry.

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