How To Win the 9-Ball Pool In One Shot? 4 Techniques For 9-Ball Break

You can quickly learn how to win 9-ball pool in one shot. A good breaking shot and strategy play an important role in helping win billiards games. Persevering your attempts to break 9 ball pool is the key to success. Let’s discover the best techniques to practice the 9-ball break from Pearson Cues.      

Rack 9 balls tightly

Rack 9 balls

Racking a 9-ball pool is the first step to starting a game

To have a wonderful 9-ball break, you should know how to rack 9-ball tightly. Each ball must touch its neighbors. With this 9-ball setup, the power is much greater and you can easily drive 9 balls in the direction you want.

Besides, remember to rack 9 balls properly:

  • 9 balls must be in a diamond shape.
  • The 1-ball is at the top of the diamond, on the kitchen pot of pool tables.
  • The 9-ball is in the middle of the diamond.

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4 Techniques to win 9-ball in one shot

Here are 4 effective techniques that professionals have used since their first days playing 9-ball. Read and practice to win every 9-ball game.

Start From the Side with a Square (Center) Hit 

a perfect square hit

The movement of balls in a perfect square hit

If you are a fan of 9-ball tournaments, you will see most professionals choose to break from the side. This technique is also called a cut break. It brings a lot of advantages:

  • It can help to have a golden break – the best break: pocket the 9-ball in one shot.
  • It is easier to pocket the wing ball and drive other balls to expected locations.

Here are 2 steps to practice this technique:

  • Step 1: Put the white ball under the headstring line, as closely as possible. It should be a ball’s width from the rail.
  • Step 2: Shoot a square hit and aim at the 1-ball to pocket the wing ball on the breaker’s side and move the 1-ball to the upper corner.

If the match applies the 3-point rule and you must break “from the box”, it is better to start with a larger cut. In case the 9-ball is in a rack spot, it is impossible to pocket the 9-ball when breaking. You can pocket the 1-ball and drive 2 balls to the side pocket.

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Pocket the 1-Ball on the Break

Two balls go into pockets

Two balls will go into pockets

You can pot the 1-ball into the opposite pocket on the 9-ball break. Moreover, the side ball can also be pocketed. In the next turn, you can use the lowest-numbered ball instead. Next, you can shoot the lowest balls simultaneously and finally the 9-ball.

Guide to practice:

  • Put the cue ball in the same position as the above technique.
  • Apply a cut break: aim at the 1-ball and hit the opposite sides of the cue ball’s position. For example, if the cue ball is on the right, you need to hit its left side.

Notes: Hitting the cue ball from the side can pocket the 1-ball, but it will be more difficult to calculate the next shot. Remember to practice hard to have a better start.

Apply Slight Top Spin

A slight topspin pool breaking makes the cue ball not too far from the rack. Learning how to play 9-ball in this way can minimize disruption of your next turn. Therefore, it is easier to pocket the 9-ball and win the game.

To practice this technique, you need to:

  • Place the cue ball from one side.
  • Use your pool cue to hit toward the top of the cue ball.

Tips: A professional pool cue will help you practice this technique advantageously.

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Do a softer break

practice playing every day

Remember to practice playing every day

This is the best break skill for beginners. It supports you to pocket the wing ball and place the 1-ball at a better place. Then, you can get a better chance to win a 9-ball pool in one shot.

A soft break requires both a square hit from the side and a slight top spin but less speed. Although it is good to create the next turn, it is difficult to drive other balls far away from the rack position. Besides, it can cause a scratch.

Learning how to win 9-ball pool in one shot is not too challenging for beginners. It comes to be much simpler when you have a good teacher or partner. Besides, preparing good pool cues, knowing playing pool 101 and having a specific timeline will help you a lot. If you have any questions or other techniques to win 9-ball, don’t hesitate to leave your comment to discuss with Pearson Cues!