What are the Optimal Pool Cue Weights? Heavier vs. Lighter Cues

The optimal pool cue weights are typically within the 18 to 21-ounce range, but you can find cues that exceed these figures. A 19 to 20-ounce cue is best if you start the game. Besides, choosing the pool cue weights is an important step when choosing a pool cue. Whether a beginner or professional, you must select a cue that is the correct weight to master this game.

What cue stick weight should I go for?

What cue stick weight should I go for

The cue stick weight depends on each person’s preference. Therefore, the suggested cue stick weight range for beginners is between 19 and 20 ounces. You can try out different cue sticks by playing several games to find out which one is better suited to you. If you’re unsure about the cue stick weight, choose a 19-ounce cue stick. However, the lighter break cue is better for cue velocity and breaking the balls.

For more detailed information about tips to choose a pool cue, you can check out here.

What pool cue weight do the professional pool players use?

Pool cue sticks also come in many different weights. Like choosing your cue tip diameter, it is essential to consider your skill level when selecting your stick weight.

What pool cue weight do the professional pool players use

The pros use cues that weigh 19 to 19.5 ounces. Available pool sticks range from a low of about 15 to 27 ounces, an extra half-pound over the pro cue.

Additionally, pro players are more specific regarding weight and consider it based on how it helps them perform their favorite shots. They like more vital cues for breaking shots, for example, and softer cues for skill shots.

Discover two main types of pool stick weights

So, what best pool cue weight do you need? That’s dependent on the individual and each one’s preferences. However, most people start playing with pool sticks weights between 19 and 20 ounces.

Discover two main types of pool stick weights

It is better to try multiple cues over some games or weeks to see which fits best to your physical ability. Changing after that is acceptable, and a weight bolt can also be removed from the cue when needed.

The most crucial advice concerning choices for the optimal pool cue weights is to check out the pros and cons of the two main types of pool stick weights below.

About heavier pool cue 

heavier pool cue
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The advantage of using a heavier pool cue

You can use a heavy or light cue stick depending on the material of the cue. A heavier cue stick is more flexible in playing methods than a lighter one.

Some people will find that using a heavier cue suits them better. For instance, the heavier cue stick is better for a professional player who wants to apply maximum force to the cue ball when it hits the ball. 

The disadvantage of using a heavier pool cue

Using a heavier cue stick can help you achieve specific goals. However, it can hinder other aspects of your game. For example, when using a heavy cue stick, you’ll need help to make small movements with the stick shaft. You’ll also need help controlling the force when contacting the ball.

About a lighter pool cue

About a lighter pool cue

The advantage of using a lighter pool cue

Soft and delicate shots are more manageable with lighter cues. The lighter cues also make it easier for some players to generate spin because it’s easier to accelerate the cue toward the cue ball and follow through to increase the cue’s contact time with the ball.

Some players are more relaxed with a lighter cue, whereas others prefer a weightier feel. It will come down to a player’s adjustments to their stroke when knowing the optimal speed. 

The disadvantage of using a lighter pool cue

Sometimes, you need to hit the cue ball with great force. Therefore, you could not hit the cue ball firmly with a lighter pool cue. Also, as your techniques grow over time, you will need more energy in your powerful shots, and then it is time to move to a higher-weight pool cue.

How is your best break cue weight?

How is your best break cue weight

The optimal weight for maximum pool cue ball speed for a break cue will depend on your arm anatomy, muscle physiology, technique, and timing. The only way to find the optimal weight is to experiment. The cue weight is not just a question of physics. Physiology also comes into play. Some players have more fast-twitch muscle fibers than others. Because of this, cue weight selection can be challenging. 

Additionally, some people might have better accuracy stroking a heavier pool cue at a slower speed than a lighter pool cue at a faster rate. Also, some people might prefer a lighter or heavier cue just because of how it feels, regardless of how better or worse the performance might be. Therefore, the choice of break cue weight is a complex matter of physics.

Where to find top high-quality pool cues with standard weights?

Where to find top high-quality pool cues with standard weights

A good pool cue with suitable weight will help you find more power to win the game. There are many pool cues types, such as light, medium, and heavy, and your choice should depend on your style.

As with all sports, equipment is critical to lead you to win the game. And this is no different with the pool. Therefore, investing in a quality cue will help you feel the competition much easier to play, and ultimately, you will get more enjoyment out of the game. For selecting top-quality pool cues, you can find out here.

Besides, choosing top-quality pool cues is an essential piece of billiards preparation. It will help you to calculate precise angles and shot power while playing. So whether you’ve never played pool much or are a professional, you should look for top-rated pool cues with standard lengths and weights to win this game.

What is the ideal snooker cue weight?

What is the ideal snooker cue weight

You want one weighing 18 and 20 ounces for a snooker cue. It would help if you got a cue stick weighing 18.5-21 ounces for the American pool and one that weighs 17-19 ounces for the English pool.



To summarize, in order to have good shots, a player should carefully consider between a lighter or heavier pool cue. Take your time and try out different weighted sticks. It’s the only way to find the ideal pool cue weights for yourself.