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How To Choose The Perfect Pool Cue Length? Tips To Pick Pool Cue Size

Anyone who wants to play pool must be completely prepared with all the essential equipment. Among those, the cue is the most vital piece of gear for each pool player. Choosing a proper pool cue with a suitable length and weight will help you find more strength to win the game. The standard pool cue length is typically around 56-59 inches. However, different people will respond to different lengths, so don’t stick with the conventional one. The cue that connects you to the game the best is the ideal one. Have you ever felt that your playing ability has not improved even with hard practice? It may be because your pool cue length is not correct. This article will show you how to choose the perfect pool cue length to improve your game.

Pool cue structure

Pool cue structure

The pool sticks that we use now initially appeared in the late 1600s with a straightforward design. Until now, we have a wide range of options to choose from. A standard pool cue includes many different parts with separate functions such as cue tip, ferrule, shaft, forearm, wrap, butt, etc. When it comes to the structure, pool cues can be divided into 2 types: 

  • One-piece cues are the most common pool sticks, and you can frequently see them being used in pubs and bar rooms by regular players eager to play a quick game. From butt to tip, these cues retain an even length thanks to a consistent taper.
  • Two-piece cue is a pool stick that can be easily dismantled, making it easier to transport for players who are constantly on the go and frequently travel with cue cases to safeguard their equipment. It is more popular among professionals and pool lovers. 

Extra-long pool cues

In truth, only two lengths are mass-produced these days when it comes to the range of long cues 

  • 60-inch
  • 62-inch

The reason this range is so small is that not many players are high enough to need them, so there are very few manufacturers for this length range. If you regularly play on a 10′ table, an extra-long cue may also come in handy.

Shorter Cues

Shorter cues are frequently available in 1-piece or 2-piece forms and in a larger range of lengths:

  • 24-inch
  • 30-inch
  • 36-inch
  • 42-inch
  • 48-inch
  • 52-inch

A 52-inch cue works well for persons under 5′ 8″ height. A 48-inch cue is recommended for players under 5 feet height, while the 36-42″ range is excellent for players under 4 feet tall. The 24″ and 30″ cues are designed especially for small children and in compact settings with limited lateral clearance.

Cues for special situations

Jump cues and jump-break cues, for example, come in a variety of lengths. Jump cues are typical of two-piece construction and range in length from 40″ to 48″ – 40” being the most popular and the minimum needed cue length for tournament play.

How to select an appropriate cue size?

appropriate cue length


There is no scientific method for determining the ideal pool cue length for each particular level as pool stick length is set on height, arm length, and personal choice.

For instance, a 58″ cue is ideal for taller players. But suppose you’re 7ft tall with extremely long arms, or less in stature with shorter arms. A 58″ cue is unlikely to be a suitable match for you. 

A normal two-piece cue with a length of 58 inches (one-piece cue 57 inches) may be used suitably by someone standing 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 4 inches tall. While persons taller than that may need to order a cue up to 62 inches long. A 48-inch or 52-inch cue is appropriate for children or persons of ordinary height. Additionally, for taller players, sometimes you need to use an extension or custom pool cue, so you should take special care of the straightness while selecting a two-piece cue.

Also, for players wondering, below we created a general estimate pool cue size chart below to help you determine which cue length is appropriate for your height.

Your height

Pool cue length


36’’ – 42’’








62’’ or custom pool cue


What is the ideal weight for a pool cue?

ideal weight for pool cue


The most critical issue in cue weight selection is balanced, not shot force or muscular strength. The weight of a cue influences how it balances in your hands and how well it complements your playing style. Pool cues are typically 17 to 21 ounces in weight. It is all up to you. Most players, though, pick between the 19 ounces or the 21 ounces.

The butt end of a cue carries the most weight because it is thicker than the shaft. If your backhand feels too heavy, you should choose a lighter pool cue. Also, a lighter cue is beneficial for short persons since it prevents them from lowering the butt and lifting the cue’s tip during the shot.

Pro players, on the other hand, are more specific regarding weight and consider it based on how it helps them perform their favorite shots. They like stronger cues for breaking shots, for example, and softer cues for skill shots.

Best pool cues for different skill levels

best pool cues for levels


Having your own pool cue means you’ll progress quicker because you’ll be using the same one every time you play. For different player skills, we have some recommendations of the best pool cue to choose from based on the experience of playing pool.

Beginner pool players

For beginners, you’d love to own a pool cue that can shoot straight and is reliable to practice with and performs well during a pool game. When deciding on the best pool cues for beginners, numerous factors must be considered.

  • Materials: You must consider stick and wrap materials. Regarding beginner cues, maple sticks are the most durable and easy to find. When you start, linen and nylon are excellent choices as a good wrap material makes it simpler to hold the cue.
  • Pool cue sizes: The ideal size and weight are mostly determined by personal choice. It’s a good idea to experiment with different cues to find which ones feel the greatest. In terms of weight, beginners should stick to around 20 ounces because additional heaviness might result in higher ball spin.

Intermediate pool players

Pool cues for intermediate players are usually utilized in competitive gaming. At this point, most players aren’t just having fun; they’re striving to prove how excellent they are. Some elements to consider when looking for the greatest intermediate cues are listed below.

  • The cues weight: An intermediate cue typically weighs between 18 and 21oz. Remember, your cue’s weight significantly affects your shots. For example, heavy cues create faster cue ball speed. But if your main focus is accuracy, you might want to go for a lighter cue. While there is no hard and fast rule for choosing the weight of your cue, you can also experiment with different weights until you discover your ideal combination.
  • Cues tip materials & size: The tip you use directly impacts the hit you make. So, your effort will lack success if the tip isn’t up-to-standard, even if you are good at hitting amazing shots. The best tip should be made of strong materials like top-quality leather and pigskin, among others. It should be strong but pliable. Pool stick tips are typically 11 to 14 millimeters in size.

To sum up, pool cues length plays a very vital role in the success of your shots in pool. You have to determine a pool cue with proper length based on your height and your skill levels. The best pool cues for the player are the most suitable ones that can meet all your factors. In addition, storing the pool cues is also important. You should have your cue rack to keep all the cues in good condition. The pool cue rack dimensions can be easily determined based on your pool cue length and size. Check out here for more pool cues from Pearson Cues with your suitable length!


How long should my pool cue be?

The standard length of a cue is 57 inches. This should be sufficient for the majority of adults. 48-inch cues are also good for adults but suited for younger or shorter players. A selection of 36-inch cues is offered for extremely young players.

How do I know which pool cue is right for me?

We can simply base some factors to choose the suitable pool cues such as skill levels; the material of pool cues, pool tips; the pool cues size and weight, and its design.

How long is the average pool cue in feet?

A pool cue length can be varied from 40 inches to 62 inches depending on your height and using purpose. However, the average pool cue length is supposed to be 58 inches. This is the standard pool cue length and is normally used in pool halls.

What are shorter pool cues for?

Short cues are generally used for circumstances when space is restricted. If you’re cueing from a cushion with a wall or other obstruction behind you, a shorter cue helps you to complete a draw stroke without running out of room. This pool cue length gives you complete control over your shot even in tight quarters.

Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson, the world's leading pool entertainer, is renowned globally as the ultimate exhibition player.
Boasting 20 world records endorsed by the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records, Dave established a legendary history in the sport industry.

Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson, the world's leading pool entertainer, is renowned globally as the ultimate exhibition player.
Boasting 20 world records endorsed by the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records, Dave established a legendary history in the sport industry.

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