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The Beginner-Friendly Pool Table Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Imagine how cool you would be if you could show off a pool table trick to impress your friend! If you want to win a bet, a free drink, or even a few bucks, you might also want to try some fancy billiards shots. 

Most importantly, you don’t need an expert to do these tricks. Many are easy or slightly more complex, so you’ll find a suitable shot. Whether you win the bet or impress your friends, these tricks will make your pool games more exciting.

Pool table tricks

Indirect Jump Shot

An indirect jump shot in a pool occurs when the cue ball jumps over 1 or more balls before hitting the target ball. It’s a challenging shot, requiring accurate control of the cue ball’s speed, spin, and angle of attack.

This kind of shot is necessary when there’s no direct line of sight between the cue ball and the target ball due to other balls obstructing the path.

Indirect jump shot

Focus on Angle

Mastering the angle is a must for success in this shot. The angle you use to hit the cue ball determines its path and where the object ball will end up. Follow 3 steps below:

  1. Think about the cue ball’s path in mind before making a shot.
  2. Align your body, cue, and line of sight with the desired angle, depending on your current position.
  3. Aim your cue stick precisely at the desired angle on the cue ball and shoot.

Then, don’t forget to consider factors such as cue ball spin and rebound angles off obstacle balls.

Angles when shooting

Note Your Space

When you hit the object ball with an indirect jump shot, the cue ball can also jump and give the object ball the force it needs to leap over an obstacle. This shot can be challenging during a game, but it can be useful if you have space and need to clear an obstacle.

Before attempting the shot, let’s assess the table layout and identify any obstacles or obstructions that may interfere with the cue ball or object balls during the shot.

Then, ensure sufficient space around the table for both the cue ball and the object ball to jump without hitting other balls, rails, or objects on the table.

Finally, position yourself and your cue stick so you have an unobstructed view  of the intended path of the cue ball and the target ball.

Z-Bank Shot

A “Z bank shot” in pool refers to a type of bank shot in which the cue ball follows a zigzag path of the cushions (rails) before making contact with the object ball. This shot gets its name from the shape of the path the cue ball takes, which resembles the letter “Z.”. 

You can imagine with the image below.

Z-bank shot

To execute the Z-bank shot successfully, follow 2 steps below:

Spin The Cue

Hit the cue ball with a left spin to make this shot work. The left-spinning cue ball will transfer its spin onto the object ball and knock it spinning right into the wall. To do that, you must

  1. Check the balls’ positions on the table to decide the angle you need to create the desired Z-shaped path.
  2. Align your cue stick with the cue ball’s intended path after the rebound off the cushions.
  3. Strike the cue ball slightly below its center with the cue tip to apply the left spin.

Remember that the amount of left spin depends on the distance between the cue ball and the first cushion it will hit, as well as the speed of the shot.

Let The Spin Swap

The cue ball rebounds at an angle when it hits the first cushion. Therefore, applying a left spin to the cue ball will slow down and potentially change direction after hitting the cushion. 

Once the cue ball hits the second cushion, the spin will interact with the cushion, forcing the cue ball to change direction again. This side spin can guide the cue ball toward the target ball in a Z-shaped path.

This shot works well because of the initial spin applied on the cue ball, and it’s all thanks to physics.

Around The World

The “Around the World” pool trick-shot in the pool is a famous and impressive maneuver involving a tight cluster of three balls to sink the one closest to the pocket. To execute this trick shot, the cue ball moves around the entire circumference of the table before pocketing the object ball.

The white ball will move around the table before hitting the red one

The white ball will move around the table before hitting the red one

Hit Strong

Strong hitting is a must if you want to execute an “around the world” shot successfully. This is because a strong hit ensures that the cue ball travels down the length of the pool table with sufficient momentum to pocket multiple balls before reaching the desired pocket. 

To hit the cue ball strongly, you must adopt a stable stance and grip, then smoothly accelerate through the cue ball with your entire arm to generate power. 

Remember to focus on maintaining control and accuracy throughout the stroke while engaging your core muscles. The shot doesn’t work if you hit the cue ball strong but miss!

With initial strong force, the white ball will go around the pool table

With initial strong force, the white ball will go around the pool table

Your pool cue is one of the most important factors affecting your force when hitting. If you play with a high-quality one, you will not have to worry about its control and balance. That’s why Pearson Elite Series was born!

With an optimal length of 29”, combined with a unique Uni-Loc Implex joint and Tiger Everest Pro tip, this series allows players to hit the objective cue ball precisely without consuming too much force. It’s designed to be the best fit for around-the-world shots!

Backward Bank

A backward bank shot, also known as a “reverse bank shot,” is a type of bank shot in the pool where the object ball is pocketed by banking it off a cushion behind the pocket instead of in front. 

This shot requires precise aim and control over cue ball speed and spin to execute successfully. It’s often used when the direct line to the pocket is blocked or when the player wants to position the cue ball for their next shot.

Backward Bank

Don’t Aim For A Full Hit

When executing a “Backward bank,” you shouldn’t aim to make direct contact between the cue ball and the object ball with the full face of the cue ball. Instead, aim for a half hit, where the cue ball strikes the object off-center. 

This allows the cue ball’s energy to be transferred more effectively to the object ball, resulting in better spin and angle control. By hitting the object ball with a half hit, the cue ball’s impact is dispersed to push it toward the pocket with the desired spin and angle, increasing the chances of pocketing it successfully.


The “Butterfly” pool shot is a remarkable trick where six balls are pocketed simultaneously, spreading out to different pockets on the table like a butterfly’s wings. To execute it successfully, you must precisely place the balls instead of relying on complex spins or angles.

Butterfly shot

One fact you may consider before getting started is that a high-deflection pool cue will ruin this shot by making the cue ball move in the wrong direction. 

No worries. By integrating Maple butt with Butterfly Veneer and featuring XTC Ferrule, Pearson® Ball Buster Break Cue can restrict maximum deflection when executing this amazing shot!

Imagine Two C’s

The “Imagine Two C’s” technique pockets multiple balls with a single shot. To set it up, you place 3 balls on each side of the table in a formation that looks like the letter “C” twice. 

The middle area between the two “C’s” is slightly smaller than the cue ball. When you strike the cue ball into this area with enough force and precision, the two middle balls in each “C” formation will be knocked outward, pushing the outer balls into the corner pockets. This technique requires strategic ball placement and accurate cue ball control.

Butterfly shot arrangement

Machine Gun 1

This pool trick shot involves pocketing multiple balls rapidly with a cue stick. This shot is impressive due to its speed and the rhythmic sound it creates. Unlike other trick shots billiards requiring complex setups or precise angles, the Machine Gun 1 Shot primarily relies on quick reflexes and a fast stroke. 

Below is the setup of a machine gun 1:

Machine gun 1 setup

Start Like Around The World

To set up for a shot in the pool, position your cue ball at one end of the table, giving yourself enough space to send it down with force. Your goal is to push the cue ball down the length of the table so that you can pocket multiple balls before they reach the desired pocket. 

This will help you build momentum and create a rapid-fire sequence of pocketing balls, similar to the “around the world” shot.

How you position the pool cue

Start Small

While practicing the shot, you should begin with fewer balls. Instead of attempting to pocket a large number of balls right away, start by using just 2 or 3 balls as you warm up and familiarize yourself with the technique. This lets you focus on getting the speed and accuracy right without overwhelming yourself. 

Once you feel more confident and comfortable, you can gradually increase the number of balls to five or more. This will create a rapid-fire sequence that’s similar to a machine gun. The key to this shot is getting the right balance between speed and aim.

8-Ball Gag

In this shot, the 8-ball is positioned on the back rail of the table, seemingly out of reach, with 2 other balls placed below it. The setup creates the illusion that it’s impossible to pocket the 8-ball due to the obstruction of the other balls.

8-ball gag

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Set Up Two Balls And The 8-Ball

Sometimes, when playing pool, it seems impossible to hit the 8-ball. However, there’s a trick to it. First, put two balls below the 8-ball and then line up your cue ball to hit straight between the two balls on the felt. 

This will make it look impossible to hit the 8-ball with the other two underneath it. You may want to mention this before making your shot to add to the game’s fun.

Aim And Smack

To make these pool table tricks shot, you must give the table a good smack after hitting the cue ball. This will knock the 8-ball back onto the table, separating it from the two balls below it. Then, you can hit only the 8-ball with the cue and win your bet. This is a fun trick to do.

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Congratulations! Now you know how to impress your friends with our pool table trick. These pool tricks cater to various skill levels, from the challenging indirect jump shot to the entertaining 8-ball gag. You can enhance your pool-playing experience and enjoy the thrill of executing impressive shots with practice and patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to do easy pool trick shots?

Learning trick shot pool games is a great way to add flair to your game and impress your friends. Here are 2 things to get you started with some easy pool trick shots:

  • Search for visual guides and written steps to take for different trick shots. Search online for “easy pool trick shots” on YouTube, and you’ll find many tutorials that will walk you through the setup and execution.
  • Don’t immediately go for the fancy, complicated pool trick shots. Many impressive maneuvers involve simply lining up the balls correctly and hitting the cue ball with a normal stroke.
  1. What is the secret to playing pool?

The secret of playing pool lies in three key elements: your stance, grip, and ability to control the cue ball

To ensure a good start, you must stand in a stable and balanced position, hold the cue in a relaxed grip, and be able to direct the cue ball accurately and with the right speed.

  1. How do beginners get better at pool?

Below is a roadmap to help beginners understand how to play pool first:

  1. Develop a loose grip
  2. Practice your stance
  3. Practice your aim.
  4. Practice your swing.
  5. Practice your bridges.
  6. Practice breaking.
  7. Remember to use pool chalk.
  8. Practice post-shot follow-through.
  9. Understand your angles
  10. View shots from different perspectives.
  11. Use the right pool cue.
  1. How can I play better at the pool table?

You must focus on technical skills and strategic thinking to play better at a pool table. You must develop a confident grip, steady stance, and smooth stroke. 

But don’t forget to plan your shots, use English to control the cue ball, and learn from experienced players. Regularly practicing drills and enjoying the journey will help you become proficient in the pool.

Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson, the world's leading pool entertainer, is renowned globally as the ultimate exhibition player.
Boasting 20 world records endorsed by the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records, Dave established a legendary history in the sport industry.

Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson, the world's leading pool entertainer, is renowned globally as the ultimate exhibition player.
Boasting 20 world records endorsed by the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records, Dave established a legendary history in the sport industry.

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