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Pearson® Sport Cue Blue


This exciting sports grip cue looks great, plays exceptionally well, and has the technology to improve your game. It has a Silver-Blue butt and sport grip design.

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Outstanding Features

Our brand has various items with new materials and designs to improve your game. Pearson® Cues has come a long way and is in the hands of millions of players, which is truly humbling. But, coming from a blue-collar background, Dave has kept the pricing affordable for you to own something special and take your game to a higher level.

The Pearson® Pro Series cues have a stylish sports grip with the kind of professional quality that you can expect from Pearson®. It has the technology to improve your game made with high-quality materials and designed by multi-World Record Holder - Dave Pearson.


Weight:18 oz 19 oz 20 oz 21 oz
Shaft Length:29''
Joint:Stainless Steel joint
Tip:Kamui Soft tip
Tip size:11.75mm
Shaft Material:Canadian Maple
Butt Length:29"
Pin:Uni-Loc pin
Collar:Stainless Steel Middle Collar
Wrap:Pearson style wrap
Butt Material:XTC Ferrule

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