Top 15 Best Pool Table Covers. 7 Best Materials For Pool Table Cover

Using a pool table covering made of the best material for pool table cover when not in use is a surefire way to prolong its life. This can protect the table from debris and harmful sun rays. Built-up debris on the surface does no good to the table felt. Similarly, as time goes by, direct sunlight will tear down the fiber cloth. Ahead, we are reflecting on the 7 best materials for pool covers and recommending the best covers that should properly fit your pool table.

7 best materials for pool table cover

7 best materials for pool table cover

The material is among the most crucial aspects of any table cover. If the material of your choice does not suit your protection needs, your table can become vulnerable to unnecessary risks. For example, to protect it from rain, you may need a different cover material from what you should rely on for dust protection. Generally speaking, there are some main types of pool table cover material.

1. Leatherette pool table covers

It is safe to say that leatherette is one of the most popular materials used on top of a pool table and likewise among the best. Also referred to as pleather, this fake leather is durable and almost always waterproof. It should be your best material for pool table cover protection in the most comprehensive way, for instance, in case you have pets or sweat over other main hazards.

2. Polyester

Polyester is not much of a hide but a fabric. That is why with it, you will have a water-resistant surface rather than a waterproof one. It should have the ability to keep your pool table from small spills given that you do not allow the liquid to soak into the material. In general, you cannot go wrong with heavy-duty polyester if liquid damage is not your primary consideration. It is a relatively strong material and usually can withstand pets.

3. Naugahyde

Another well-known alternative to real leather, Naugahyde was indeed the original fake leather yet today is a more specific term than leatherette. It is super-duper strong and will surely assist in protecting your table from just about any hazards. This best material for pool table cover should be able to compete in the market on an equal footing with leatherette.

4. Vinyl

It is well-known for being lightweight and simple to clean. The main perk of this pool table cover is that it is more affordable than other types of pool covers. Plus, vinyl gives enough protection against damaging sun rays and spills. Your table will stay clean when drinks are by chance spilled on it. You can use a vacuum or brush to clean the cover in a breeze. One thing to note: This pool cover type is not heavy duty. You should handle it carefully. It is not a great choice should there be pets or small kids around your house.

5. Waterproof

Not everybody needs the waterproof type. Do you not have little children? Is your table inside? Are you extra cautious about liquids around the table? If that is you, heavy-duty waterproof pool table covers are not necessary. You can choose to save a couple of dollars by buying a heavy-duty polyester cover instead of Naugahyde or leatherette.

6. Nylon

Being a form of plastic, this type is generally much thinner, more like the typical table cover used at parties. So, its protection is not that great. With nylon, you will not have a waterproof surface but a water-resistant one. That is why leaving a spill unattended for a long time would be the last thing you want. 

7. Plastic

This material is probably the least expensive in the category. It is practically the same as the plastic table cover used for your dining table. Plastic rips genuinely easily and is barely waterproof. Having said that, should you only be worried about dust accumulated on the unused pool table, this may be your great cheap choice.

Top 15 best pool covers in 2023 

Now that you have a clearer picture of the best material for a pool table cover, let us walk you through the decision regarding picking the best pool table covers for your needs and wants.

1. Shieldo Heavy Duty Leatherette Cover

Shieldo Heavy Duty Leatherette Cover

These leatherette pool table covers are constructed out of heavy-duty leatherette, protecting your table from many different kinds of hazards, for example, water, spills, dust, and pets. It is completely waterproof and super durable. With machine-sewn seams, the design becomes even sturdier. This Shieldo likewise features weighted corners to ensure that it has a close fit on your pool table.

2. GSE Games & Sports Expert 7’/8’/9′ Heavy Duty Leatherette Pool Table Covers

GSE Games & Sports Expert 7’/8’/9′ Heavy Duty Leatherette Pool Table Covers

Because these are particularly made from hard materials, there is practically no possibility of any harm (say water, animals, and air) caused to your table. Also, the concealment is designed for all kinds of tables, which is a bonus. But that is not all. This GSE Games & Sports Expert is thick and durable, and its leather does not give wrinkles. It is accessible in various sizes and three colors. But on the other hand, the product unit boasts neat stitching and the corners are a good fit for all sorts of boards. 

3. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Naugahyde Cover

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Naugahyde Cover

Are you an avid fan of football? Then, a high chance is that you will like this officially licensed pool table covering. The Naugahyde construction makes it genuinely durable, so it will highly likely protect your table from potentially harmful elements such as sun, debris, and spills for years. At a measurement of 100″ (L) x 56″ (W), this Imperial is a go-to 8-foot pool table cover and has a fitted style for improved security. As a plus point, virtually any NFL team is available and the team logo is in a visible place on the cover.

4. ClawsCover 9ft Pool Table Cover

ClawsCover 9ft Pool Table Cover

Not like several other Oxfox cloth fabrics that smell and feel plasticky crinkly, this polyester pool table cover is super smooth and soft, does not smell foul, and has a real cloth feel to it. Even better, not as is the case with some thick heavyweight leatherette or thin vinyl, it is thick while not feeling heavy. This product unit is likewise a reliable heavy-duty waterproof pool table cover and is genuinely quiet when (un)covering the pool table. It being scratch-free and UV protective has big upsides as well. The ClawsCover is a standout at a good price.

5. GEMITTO 7/8/9 Foot Pool Table Cover Hard Top

GEMITTO 7/8/9 Foot Pool Table Cover Hard Top

Constructed out of 420D polyester fabric, this pool table covering boasts durability and the ability to withstand abuse. It is water and UV-resistant and can be a pretty great outdoor pool table cover. It is also attached with a buckle. The GEMITTO has a stable design. After placing the cover on your table, you can firmly fix it thereby tightening the button.

6. Iszy Billiards 8 Foot Pool Table Cover

Iszy Billiards 8 Foot Pool Table Cover

This Iszy Billiards cover is among the most popular out there these days. Having a heavy-duty vinyl construction, it also features a cotton backing for enhanced protection. Measuring about 115’’ (L) x 71’’ (W) (in total), the cover will fit 99% of 8-foot pool tables. Other good things are fitted corners for a snug fit and its accessibility in various colors.

7. NEXCOVER Leatherette Pool Table Covering

NEXCOVER Leatherette Pool Table Covering

This 7-feet table cover fits just about any standard pool table of that size. It is waterproof, strong, durable, and wrinkle-free. The NEXCOVER should be among your best bets if you are looking for a cover that helps prevent your table from potential external damages like animal scratches. Also, you may like that it is easy to clean.

8. 7/8/9ft Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Canvas Pool Table Cover

7/8/9ft Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Canvas Pool Table Cover

The most plausible thing about this pool table cover is that it is an ideal combo for your table and all sorts of similar ones such as side tables, making it multipurpose. As this product unit comes in different colors, you can easily find your favorite. Also, made of polyester, it has maximum strength, protects the table from water, debris, and whatnot, and is machine-sewed. Instead of fading, its color will last. 

9. CueStix International Fitted Heavy Duty Naugahyde Cover for 8ft Table

CueStix International Fitted Heavy Duty Naugahyde Cover for 8ft Table

This pool table cover hard top has durability and fits practically any table with a length of 8 feet. Accessible in various colors, the product unit measures 100’’ (L) x 56’’ (W). It is worth stressing again that the Naugahyde material is long-lasting compared to many other materials for pool table covers. Above all, this fitted-style CueStix International will minimize damage from damaging substances like dirt and spills.

10. Kohree 8 Foot Heavy Duty Leatherette Pool Table Covers

Kohree 8 Foot Heavy Duty Leatherette Pool Table Covers

This Kohree will keep your pool table safe from spills, animals, and dust. Eight feet aside, it has two other sizes nine feet and seven feet, which allows it to fit every standard pool table. Coming in two colors (black and brown), the UV-resistant cover looks good on virtually any standard pool table and will make your pool table room more appealing. While it is not constructed out of real leather but leatherette, you will have a hard time telling the difference. The leatherette is of prime quality and should give comparable protection to a real leather cover. Further, it can be an outdoor pool table cover, but we suggest using some kind of clips around the edges so that the wind will not blow it off.

11. LEIPUPA Heavy Duty Fitted Oxford Billiard Pool Table Cover

LEIPUPA Heavy Duty Fitted Oxford Billiard Pool Table Cover

It is favorable for its reliable quality, whether you use this LEIPUPA to cover a pool table, tennis table, or any kind of similar one. As an Oxford cloth cover, it delivers adequate safety and strength. The product unit will keep your table safe from debris, water, and air. It is accessible in brown and can fit any size. What is more? There is elastic at its corners for the proper ending.

12. Boshen 7/8/9ft Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Pool Table Covers

Boshen 7/8/9ft Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Pool Table Covers

This dense cover is a good fit for any table type. So, should you be unaware of your table protection needs, you can effortlessly apply it. Just use it (one and only) in all seasons, saving you money. Thanks to its material, the Boshen is dependable and strong enough to withstand damage. It has cotton-fleece backing as well.

13. POMER Pool Table Cover – 89’’ Waterproof

POMER Pool Table Cover - 89’’ Waterproof

One of the best things that this POMER has is its windproof design. It features a drawstring at the bottom that enables fast and simple adjustments to easily ensure secure fit and safety, especially on windy days. Made of durable, dense Oxford fabric with a waterproof PU layer, the pool table covering gives impressive resistance against debris, snow, and rain and expectedly lasts the lifetime of your table. Another good thing is its ease of installation and storage. You can (un)cover the POMER quickly and easily store it thanks to the polyester bag coming with this cover. Plus, multiple sizes of nine feet, eight feet, and seven feet make the product unit suitable for practically any pool table out there.

14. Fenghome 7/8/9ft Heavy Duty Pool Table Cover

Fenghome 7/8/9ft Heavy Duty Pool Table Cover

This Fenghome pool table cover boasts all-around protection against pet scratches, leaks, spills, dust, sunlight, and so forth thanks to the upgraded 420D Oxford thick, UV-resistant, and waterproof fabric. Likewise, the scratch-proof material plus reinforced seams deliver added durability, lengthening the life cycle of the product unit. As another plus point, the Fenghome is easy to use and store. The elastic hem cord and customizable drawstring are not just for a good fit but for simple installation and removal. The storage pouch that comes with the package allows you to put away your unused cover. 

15. T&R sports Large Rip Resistant Pool Table Cover

T&R sports Large Rip Resistant Pool Table Cover

This pool table covering suits those interested in making their pool table protected and safe because it is extra strong and durable. It is accessible in two sizes and organized up of RIP clothing material. Air cannot seem to displace the cover as it takes the weighted ends. Its appealing black gloss is a plus.

In conclusion

The world of cue sports is fascinating with lots of fantastic choices for those into it, from pool cues, pool balls, pool table felt, to table covers. Table covers come in various sizes, colors, and materials. They are either stylish or simple with a variety of textures. Their waterproofness varies by brand. The price range of the most fantastic product units in the market includes pricey ones but the inexpensive stuff is also available for sale. After all, with the best material for pool table covers and the top-rated pool table covers mentioned above, you will not be let down.